Why Use Relationship Counselling Ashford Kent

It's all too easy to try and pin the consequence on our partner for the any issues within our relationship, but if we are honest, are we also taking responsibility for really trying to make our relationship work? Are we using the right skills ensure we effectively communicate with our partner?

If you think you would benefit from aid in understanding the part both you and your partner play in creating a happy or unhappy associations then this is how our relationship counsellors Ashford Kent can help: :Couples counselling expert

1. Defining your issues

When couples come to see one our Relationship Counsellor Ashford Kent, they are helped to quickly identify any unresolved issues from the past they may have. People often try and conceal or avoid these deep inside, but it doesn't make them go away, associated with fester and eat away at the relationship.

It could be an unresolved argument you experienced many years ago, which had not been properly resolved and has led to resentment. You could didn't feel listened to or understood : but it has never been mentioned since. Perhaps it's something to do with how your partner behaves that you are not happy about or something external to the relationship that is impacting it.

Once any issues are out on the table, it's surprisingly liberating process for both parties. Our relationship counsellors Ashford will help you define your issues properly that doesn't just come across as a criticism.

2. Resolving conflict

Couple therapy is about communicating honestly with one another. In the presence of a relationship expert, you'll be encouraged to talk about what might lead to an area of conflict. Our couple counsellor well then guide a solution that is a compromise to both parties. Whilst it might not be easy at first, because it's natural for each person to feel 'wronged' by their partner when they first arrive in therapy. However, by allowing your partner the time to share what they think and how they feel, you may find, you are able to look at things from a very different perspective. and realise you wasn't necessarily right the whole time.

3. Reflecting on the relationship.

A relationship has a past, present and future and three can look different as people and relationships change over time. It's important to set some time aside to reflect on that. To know where you two started, where you are supposedly currently, and what your expectations are into the future. Our relationship counsellors Ashford Kent will guide you through that process and make it easier for you.

4. Earn & Give Respect

Respect is one of the key ingredients for a happy relationship and a happy marriage. If we all gave respect to our partner from day one, we would earn respect, leading to a much happier life. However, respect is one of the first things to diminish in a relationship when things start to go wrong. We then start to produce a negative mindset and start questioning our partner and their actions. We often end up criticising each other, on the surface it would appear for no reason, but enter into your esophagus because hurt, rage or resentment has built up over the years

Respect is a two way street and is needed in a relationship to make it last it's good to know for the long terms. Our relationship counsellors Ashford Kent can help find out what respect methods to you and your partner. If you share how you feel and are honest in what bothers you and it is important to you, you might get the same in return.

Relationships are about giving and receiving. That means doing what needs to be done first, without immediately expecting your partner to do the same. All that can happen with the help of an expert, why then not contact a relationship counsellor Ashford Kent today.

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